LITE STUDY | BRACKEN MAN_ Upon leaving the greatest #HAMBURGER joint in Texas, The #Bracken Cafe, a bald headed cowboy, with no hat, entered the joint like a #saloon scene from an old western. Fortunately for me, I had a hidden plastic fork hidden in my #ropers. (at THE BRACKEN CAFE | Bracken, Texas)

PORTRAIT | XLS_ My bad-ass Jaguar XLS. Going up on the E-bay block. No power of #veto here. If u wanna sell your car, drive to #TEXAS. The billowing #clouds make a fantastic backdrop. PS. If you know anyone afflicted with a #fetish for #JAGUARS, Tell ‘em I’m selling. (at SAN ANTONIOLAND)

DOG | STARS_ Teddy the Yorkie. Met her on a street in San Antonio. Lovely little thing. (at SAN ANTONIOLAND)

FIGURES | MAN EATS_ Braxken Cafe, Bracken, TX.

PORTRAIT | DAD_ My father comes to visit every 2 months to see his #grandchildren. Children are powerful magnets of #love and #energy. (Children not pictured here.) (at CHICAGOLAND )

SILHOUTTE | “HELP, HELP!”_ #BOWSER takes #PrincessPeach captive, while the new #HERO prepares his #conquest in the background. “HEY! Mario!! Whaddaya say?! (at CHICAGOLAND )

LIGHT STUDY | SMOKEY_ Labor Day in America. #GODBLESSAMERICA, hamburgers on the grill, corn on the cob, and Grandpa on the bottle. The trifecta of an afternoon well spent. Oh. And a cool photo of smoke at magic hour. πŸš¬πŸ”πŸΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (at CHICAGODLAND)

BLACK + WHITE | STUDIO_ I cleared out more space in my #BATCAVE to #SHOOT more #villains. It’s shaping up very nicely. Gotta’ figure out where the #FREEZE machine goes? πŸ”š (at CHICAGODLAND)

SHAMAN | Mark Laws, #GamerLord_ “The #TwoFingerTango.” 🎬

PORTRAIT | AVAILABLE_ Success is a succession of yeses, no? Half the secret to success is being available. Like this lovely light. This has been a lesson in alliteration. #L8TR. (at STUDIO | WARWICK)

DOORWAYS || PICKWICK THEATERS_ “Do you want what’s behind #DOOR No.1, or will you choose what’s behind door No.2?” - Monty Hall (at CHICAGODLAND)