"UNFURL YOUR FLAG"_ Let me be. I grew up here. I have all I need. The world’s your oyster, come to #AMERICA and be #FREE. Or pretend that you are. It’s the best #game on the open market. I’d crash the party too. Don’t ask for permission, ask forgiveness. It’s the #american way! Just ask all the old people in congress! That’s how they roll. (at CHICAGOLAND )

QUIK SHOT | PASS THE PASCHKE_ One of my favorite artists from #PLAYBOY. His work is a time capsule, so unique it bears full and present witness. Get off your $&!!?@% lazy ass and go see his legacy in paint @ The ED PASCHKE Art Center, located @ 5415 W. Higgins Ave.//Chicago 60630. @EdPaschkeArtCtr, we love ya! 💰 (at CHICAGOLAND )

HOLY COW! | “ITS TEDDY GOALSEVELT!”_ He was a dream.(@mikedamico @teddygoalsevelt ). I haven’t discovered who the creepy guy on the right is yet. Tomorrow the #CHICAGOFIRE face the #TOTTENHAM #SPURS. I’m sure Teddy is #totally for Tottenham. WHAT, WHAT?!! Has Teddy turned the tide?! GO, TEDDY, GO!! (ps. They found #me tonight.) (at ATLANTIC BAR & GRILL | CHICAGOLAND)


MAGIC HOUR | DUALITY_ Crazy light. Blinding. This was a smooth blacktop, tennis court, with an open view facing west. Crazy cool weather front affects everything up here. Light feels like early fall. Sucks. Shortest summers on record. But every beautiful day here is a golden excuse to forget the day before. Wait! Is that a groundhog?! (at CHICAGOLAND )

LIGHT STUDY | POTUS BLOSSOM_ I walked past this leaf, annoyed that I had to pick it up. Before yanking it from its sandbar, I stopped and noticed the droplets. I never stop and look at droplets. NEVER. But I did. // wishing you the best, Mr. President, during these tension-filled, Russian Tea Room tête–à–tête moments. I hope there’s enough room on that tiny sofa. Ps. I looked up HOW TO SCARE A BEAR (even a big il’ #RED one!) From the search on wikihow.com: 1. Avoid close encounters.
2. Keep your distance.
3. Stand tall, even if the bear charges you.
4. Know your bear.
5. Understand the bear’s motivations.
Respond appropriately based on the situation.
6. If any bear makes a predatory attack, fight back.
7. Consider last minute escape techniques. (at CHICAGOLAND )

PORTRAIT | UNCLE BOB_ This is my Uncle Bob. His is an #A-HOLE. (at CHICAGOLAND )

LIGHT | DAPPLE DANCER_ I saw the dappled light on my way out of the park, after escorting my children to summer camp. It’s abstract. I don’t think abstractly. I think. Wait. The light was pretty. There. I said it. 👀 (at CHICAGOLAND )

MUSIC | SNO BLIND_ The band #STYX entered my mental musical airspace back when the idea of drinking alcohol was a foreign, peer-pressured rite-of-passage I will never forget. Not that Styx made it any more special, but their riffs and lyrics, the soaring musical styles of #TommyShaw and #DennisDeYoung, blended and mashed into a rock daiquiri that sports a powerful sugar crash, became instrumental in the soundtracks playing in my brain when I think back on my time spent in my hometown of #BOSSIERCITY, Louisiana. Trips to #JUJUROAD and #CypressLake are filled with replay after replay of #SNOWBLIND by Styx. My good friend @louisianasugar may have a thought on the subject of my IG post. Or not. The crushed ice is blinding when you smash your face against the glass to see if there is a shot in there. In the light. *HINT-there isn’t. 🚬 (at CHICAGOLAND )

DIDO | WHITE FLAG_ My wife hates this song. We were on our honeymoon in #ITALY when this song (#WHITEFLAG) was topping the #EUROPEAN music charts. I don’t mind it. Not one bit. I think it’s the chorus that got sticky-stuck in my pin-head;

I will go down with this ship
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender there will be no white flag above my door
I’m in love and always will be - DIDO (at CHICAGOLAND )