HIGH FASHION | low light_ It’s @jacobneminarz looking #fashionable in his #photoshoot at 5659design.com with @kevinkuster and myself. ⚑️”Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, #BAKERS man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can; Pat it and shape it and mark it with “P”, And bake it in the oven for MY #CREW and me. @scottyrocks sends a BIG πŸ“£ #SHOUTOUT to the always positive and perpetually-in-motion @heatherfred25! YAY! + Kudos to @monikadixonpr for her fantastic #superfriends.⚑️Let’s do it again soon! #wink! πŸ‘€ (at STUDIO // WARWICK)


PORTRAIT | goin’ downtown_ Headed to the #CHICAGOMARATHON to see our #MOM finish. πŸ‘€ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ (at CHICAGOLAND)

LIGHT STUDY | “SAVED BY THE HELL”_ I love this statuette of #JESUS. The heart. The graphic look. The #artdeco appeal. The clean, angular lines. The soft drape of hard, #cold cement. ALMOST like a #superhero emblem on the chest. Yeah. I like #STATUES. @Scottyrock // 5659design.com // “Ask, and ye’ shall receive.” #TRUE. (at CHICAGOLAND)

STUDY | “IN CHARACTER”_ I am blessed by those around me who exhibit a sense of #PLAY in their approach to #werk + business. @beaudoran is one of those cats who you just #digg being around. Check out Beau’s latest obsession here ➽ endgame.gg. In his #free time, Beau like to suck his fingers in some other #SCHWEET stuff, here ➽ http://www.confectionselse.com. // #TheEndIsNear ➽ @Scottyrock (at STUDIO // WARWICK)

PHOTO SHOOT | “WHAT A GEM”_ #Super #Funky #GEMMAB warms up her trapz and tri’s before turning on the #cannon (@CANON). Kudos to @gemmaberto for firing up the #energy level to 11! @kevinkuster was here, behind the #lens. 5659design.com ⚑️

PORTRAIT | “OFF TO THE RACES”_ Nate is great. Seen here sporting his #DERBY best, Nate takes on the role of #testimonial spokesman for one of my fave brands, #caffeinatedclub (www.caffeinated club). If u like clean, crisp, sparking water, with a mild splash of Lemon, grab some today. WHERE? Let me find out and #drop in my next post on the subject. Watch the #getcaffeinated box for future news!⛽️ (at STUDIO // WARWICK)

I’m your ice cream man
I’m your ice cream man
Ah my, my, my
All my flavors are guaranteed to satis-uh-fy

ABSTRACT | BLURRED LIES_ Light in motion is not only #abstract, it’s #deceptive. πŸ’° (at STUDIO // WARWICK)

2 TALENTS | 1 FACK+YOU_ Late last night, after a long day of fighting my No.1 #enemy, (#RESISTANCE), I popped the top on my mid-life crisis and sped down the Kennedy to see a show by Dina Facklis & Co. at the theater she calls #HOME, The Chicago Improv Den. She invited one of my favorite performers of all-time, Steve Waltien (@Waltien) to perform alongside her for the 2 person #WITFEST she calls #FACKbuddies. Watching Dina + Steve exchange ideas, #TRUTHS, and observations, is a rare treat. Laughing with them is to briefly feel for a fleeting moment that you are on stage, next to them, painting moments that will vanish as fast as they were created. My favorite #game of the evening was #UTERISK. “Family Fun!” // ➽ If you’re an #IMPROVSNOB, check your attitude at the long, dramatic stairwell. Dina’s Chicago Improv Den is authentic, intimate, and charming, rolled into a dynamite stick of #teachers and talent. If I were learning #IMPROV all over again { By that, I mean, beginning…the learning never ends }, I’d start here ➽ http://thechicagoimprovden.com. There’s boldness in learning improv. It not only makes you a better listener, it makes you a better human. If you want to learn from some of the best, go here, and say #yes. Yes? YES. @ScottyRocks. ➽ #BronzeMedal shines nicely. ⚑️5659design.com (at CHICAGOLAND)

MUGSHOT | “UNCLE BILL”_ “I know a girl who lives on the hill. She won’t do it, but her sister will”. - ZZ TOP (at STUDIO // WARWICK)