LIGHT STUDY | SMOKEY_ Labor Day in America. #GODBLESSAMERICA, hamburgers on the grill, corn on the cob, and Grandpa on the bottle. The trifecta of an afternoon well spent. Oh. And a cool photo of smoke at magic hour. ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ (at CHICAGODLAND)

BLACK + WHITE | STUDIO_ I cleared out more space in my #BATCAVE to #SHOOT more #villains. It’s shaping up very nicely. Gotta’ figure out where the #FREEZE machine goes? ๐Ÿ”š (at CHICAGODLAND)

SHAMAN | Mark Laws, #GamerLord_ “The #TwoFingerTango.” ๐ŸŽฌ

PORTRAIT | AVAILABLE_ Success is a succession of yeses, no? Half the secret to success is being available. Like this lovely light. This has been a lesson in alliteration. #L8TR. (at STUDIO | WARWICK)

DOORWAYS || PICKWICK THEATERS_ “Do you want what’s behind #DOOR No.1, or will you choose what’s behind door No.2?” - Monty Hall (at CHICAGODLAND)

PORTRAIT | BEAU_ Playing with lazy morning light coming in the east studio wall light portal. Beau could easily be mistaken for a number of celebrities, but once you know him, he’s an original. “Two fingers is all it takes”. Break a leg, #B. ๐Ÿ (at CHICAGODLAND)

QUIK-SNAP | DOG_ “Hey, buddy? Know where I can find a couple of hot #COUGARS, maybe a #DILF or two? Appreciate the heads up…” (This is what I heard the blue-eyed demon say before he drove off). (at CHICAGODLAND)

QUIK-SNAP | “LAWDY, Miss Clawdy”_ The Lloyd Price version 1., although I like the #KING’S, version 2. (at CHICAGODLAND)


โ€œDad, what are you doing? Itโ€™s โ€˜Shark Weekโ€™!โ€ โ€” Dale

Wasn’t it? #SharkWeek, I mean? Next time you feel like playing with your #camera, find a sprinkler at magic hour and circle the sun dragon’s rays. Lots of magic in that mist. Cut to:

VOICEOVER as I circle the fireplug.

"Hey, who’s the creepy bald guy taking photos of our kids and talking to himself?!"

"Relax. It’s a #Chicago #Blockparty. He lives down the street."

“Hmmm. I’m not so shurrrreee…sure, I’ll have another.” ๐Ÿ”š (at CHICAGO BLOCK PARTY)


I love this fantastical mythical creature. One of my faves. Not enough Minotaurs in movies these days, if you’re asking. Always have to wait for another #GREEK myth + storyline to show up before we see one again. The title usually contains #TITAN. How ‘bout a movie called #MINOTAUR. It’s just him in the whole movie. My #GEEK flag would fly high over a film like that. Yessir. if you wanna see cool mythical beasts you’ve never even heard of, check out my buddy Chip’s site, Get your pencil out and draw some Minotaurs already! (at CHICAGOLAND )


A fine young man with a brilliant personality. Here, he handles the power of #THE_TICK with the ease of an admiral on the high seas. It’s not the high seas. It’s lake of the #OZARKS. Ands it’s top speed is 11mph. I don’t know how many #KNOTS that is. I’m not a sailor. โ›ต๏ธ (at OZARK-LAND)