I’m your ice cream man
I’m your ice cream man
Ah my, my, my
All my flavors are guaranteed to satis-uh-fy

ABSTRACT | BLURRED LIES_ Light in motion is not only #abstract, it’s #deceptive. 💰 (at STUDIO // WARWICK)

2 TALENTS | 1 FACK+YOU_ Late last night, after a long day of fighting my No.1 #enemy, (#RESISTANCE), I popped the top on my mid-life crisis and sped down the Kennedy to see a show by Dina Facklis & Co. at the theater she calls #HOME, The Chicago Improv Den. She invited one of my favorite performers of all-time, Steve Waltien (@Waltien) to perform alongside her for the 2 person #WITFEST she calls #FACKbuddies. Watching Dina + Steve exchange ideas, #TRUTHS, and observations, is a rare treat. Laughing with them is to briefly feel for a fleeting moment that you are on stage, next to them, painting moments that will vanish as fast as they were created. My favorite #game of the evening was #UTERISK. “Family Fun!” // ➽ If you’re an #IMPROVSNOB, check your attitude at the long, dramatic stairwell. Dina’s Chicago Improv Den is authentic, intimate, and charming, rolled into a dynamite stick of #teachers and talent. If I were learning #IMPROV all over again { By that, I mean, beginning…the learning never ends }, I’d start here ➽ There’s boldness in learning improv. It not only makes you a better listener, it makes you a better human. If you want to learn from some of the best, go here, and say #yes. Yes? YES. @ScottyRocks. ➽ #BronzeMedal shines nicely. ⚡️ (at CHICAGOLAND)

MUGSHOT | “UNCLE BILL”_ “I know a girl who lives on the hill. She won’t do it, but her sister will”. - ZZ TOP (at STUDIO // WARWICK)

PORTRAIT | “Reading By Gaslight”_ So I see this studious gentleman, engaged, reading by the light. I was in a theater, with stages, and having dipped my toes in the waters of #Shakespeare, I assumed he was reading a script or some object in printed form. Ah! The light. Now it makes sense. It’s just a #prop. His reading instrument has a built in light. Fascinating. THE #FUTURE is here. (at IN THE DEN)

ACTOR | CHRIS KELSCH_ I know a #TON of great #actors + #talent. I plan on putting as many of them to work as possible. I also want to give back. If you are an actor or improviser, and you want or need a different look, something that shakes the #NORM, hit me up. I’m offering some of my #FREE time for head shots and reel updates to my talented friends in the #Chicagoland area. If I know you, the FREE discount is 50% off. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?!! You can’t. 👀Not even with a stick. (at CHICAGOLAND)

LIGHT STUDY | SUNSET ON LAWRENCE_ Some of the neighborhoods don’t have much to look at, visually. This little corner, near Milwaukee, has a small theater that rises above the mediocrity with shapes of #polish and #russian influence. That would be my answer on a #game show if someone asked, “What the hell is that?” #Copernicuscenter. 🙈 (at CHICAGOLAND)

DAMN! | someone’s always in a hurry_ Patience is a virtue. And a blessed tool in defense of the next #YES, and. There. Daily mantra memorized again. SLOW DOWN! I’M WALKING OVER HERE!” - @midnightcowboy (at CHICAGOLAND)

ARTREPRENEURS | WHEN I WAS A KID_ In Ruston, Louisiana, in a period that feels familiar once again, I set out with my college room mate, #SAMIAM @samjoffray, to conquer the world from the comfort of our rented college home.

His first invitation was to share the costs and responsibilities of living in one of the coolest houses on campus. A fraternity house to the casual drive-by. An easy mistake. It was a mansion.

And it was a learning center. The craft was art. Art. Theater. Music. Entertainment. Business. Mostly business. And it was fucking great.

We called our screen printing business SAM N’ ANDY’S. The tag line he created was “ARTREPRENEURS”.

It was clever. It was his first name and it was my last name, as a nickname, when I was a kid. It was brilliant.

We were businessmen. In the business of art. ACTORS. Director. IMPROVISER. Artist. PLAYWRIGHT. Illustrator. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Dreamers.


Congratulations to Mark Laws + Beau Doran, (@qqconcepts) for launching their baby dream into the deep digital waters of #Startups with a healthy idea. “That one”, in an improvised Scottish accent, pretending to be #willferrell, “She’s a KEEPER!”

Swim, baby, SWIM! 🏊 (at STUDIO // WARWICK)


LITTLE RWD RYDER | LITTLE RED CORVETTE_ The light off the fence caught my attention. The #graphic nature of the shapes highlights the wagon. ⚡️ (at CHICAGOLAND)